Hosting a More Professional Event with Custom Badges

You have worked for months on this big event. The guest speakers are lined up, the catering has been finalized, and the attendance list continues to grow. Nothing is stopping you from holding the most outstanding event in your industry today except for one thing: Do you have a professional event badge printer or are you asking your guests to write their names on plain white stickers?

After 30 years in the business, ID Shop understands the importance of offering your customers the treatment you would want to receive. It’s the same when it comes to your event. Ask yourself: how much would you get out of an experience like this if you did not know the name of a single person in the room? What if everyone had an ID badge, but you could not read any of their handwriting? An event badge printer solves this issue.

In addition to making your event stand out, custom badges have other benefits including:

#1: Networking
You have successfully planned your event and there are people from all over your industry together in one room, talking and mingling. In the business world, you can’t effectively network if you don’t know a person’s name and organization. Would you want your keynote speaker to walk into the room and no one know his name? The same rule applies to all of your attendees. Providing guests with professional badges, created with your own event badge printer, can bring together attendees and help to form new business relationships.

#2: Security
A professional event badge can help you quickly determine if someone is a registered attendee at your event. When considering event safety, think beyond metal detectors or pat downs at the door. Something as simple as an ID badge can improve security by ensuring attendees are invited and are authorized to be at your event.

At ID Shop, we have been providing everything from event badges to badge printers, printing supplies, card holders, lanyards and much more for over three decades. We stand by the fact that our quality and customer service are the best in the business. You don’t need to know a single thing about the printing process. We can walk you through it from start to finish with just one call.. Contact us today at 844-443-7467 or e-mail us at and let us help you make your next event outstanding!

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